How Can You Increase Your Followers On Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in recent years, with the number of monthly active users in excess of 600 million. And chances are that you’ve considered how to increase your followers on Instagram too through Goread.

With a massive user base, and the ability to be more selective over who you follow than on Twitter, use Instagram’s targeting options to source those key influencers in your field of interest and get them to follow your account. Instagram’s verification feature makes this a lot easier to do. Here are ways that you can attract more followers on Instagram.

Create a strong following

You have to have a very good reason for why you are starting a new account. You need to show that you are an expert in your field and that followers will find value in what you post. It is essential that your posts be high quality and informative. This is where you need to be consistent in your postings.

Include interesting and creative content

The High Quality threshold allows you to have a large amount of followers, but everyone would agree that the quality of your pictures are paramount. Getting too many likes or retweets could make it obvious that you are not attempting to create anything of value for your followers.

Post interesting and helpful content

As with other social media platforms, posting useful and helpful information for your followers is a reliable way to attract new followers. Adding hashtags that are trending can also help increase your reach. This can be added in the form of captions.


Engage with others

It is important to interact with followers, whether it be through comments or by responding to their comments. You can also invite followers to engage with you. This creates a more personal connection.

Give and give some more

Engage with your followers and ask them to follow you. This creates a more personal tone and also helps build your following on Instagram.

Be active on other social media platforms

Posting and engaging on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., can help you gain followers for your Instagram account, because it shows that you are a real person with an active presence online. It also increases the value you receive from your current Instagram followers.

Use hashtags to help with targeting

If you have a business or cause that you are promoting on your Instagram account, add hashtag tags relevant to the subject of your posts. This can turn people who do not follow you or do not like you, into followers by encouraging them to find and follow your account.